Lucy is a three dimensional human simulation created to boost your sales.

Using the latest technology in projection mapping, Lucy is able to convey any message exactły the way you intended it. We equipped Lucy with an infrared motion sensor so she can address your customer in a personal way. She is an absolute rockstar when it comes to impressing your guests, and delivers up to 1200% more attention than usual marketing-tools. Every Lucy is assembled by hand in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and is tailored to match your situation . We like to refer to her as a holo-universalis, she is an expert when it comes to sales-, lead generation, enquites, hospitality-purposes, and much more.

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  • Lucy is a born seller that does not ask for a salary, only some electricity.

  • Lucy is the World's newest and most innovative salestool

  • Lucy is available with lots of extras and can tell any message you desire

  • Lucy is a powerful presence and will get many eyeballs on your brand

  • Promote your product in an innovative way.
  • Attract more customers.
  • Provide an unique customer journey.
  • Improve customer retention & loyalty.
  • Collect valueable information from your target audience.

"In our hyper-competitive world, standing out from the crowd has never been more important"

Every Lucy is manufactured by hand. Our mission is to create a Lucy matching your situation. Expand your customer experience with additional custom 3D video-message’s, your company logo on the cupboard, or complimentary accesoires. Nothing is impossible.

Conveying your message in a striking way is our mission

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